Late Dr B.B. Gandhi :- Dr B. B. Gandhi was a founder president of the society. He served as the Senate and Syndicate member of the S.N.D.T. University. Apart from Vidyamandir Society he was actively associated with many orginations like SMC,Medical Union,Co-operative Societies,Surat General Hospital,Sarvaganik education society,Lion's club etc.

Kumudben Desai :- She started the college with five students.She was appointed as a senate member in S.N.D.T. University in 1962. She work as the chairperson of the Vidyamandir Society during 1977 to 1980. She was a freedom fighter and had been to jail many times during the Quit India Movement.

Late Dr Bhogilal Gandhi :- He was a founder member of the Society and younger brother of the Dr B.B. Gandhi.By profession, he was a doctor but he was very active Social Worker.

Late Shri Krishnalal Zaveri :- He was a trustee of the Vodyamandir Society. He developed the business of chemicals in Mumbai and Ahmedabad. He has donated to the Society for the nobel Coures of women's education.

Late Gordhandas Chokhawala :- He was a freedom fighter and had been to jail many times. He was associated with Congress. He was a Minister of Education in Gujarat Govt.He was the first Mayor of Surat Muncipal Corporation. He was associated with many Social Orginations.
Late Sureshbhai Choksi :- He was a chairman and put efforts in getting funds to start Commarce College. He was an active member of Vidhyathi Sangh.

Shri Dr C.Z. Shah :- He is a senior academician.He is associated with many educational institutions and giving his services to them.


Shri Arunbhai Jariwala (President): He is associated with this Society since many years.He has been the president since 1988, before that he served as Vice-President. He has contributed a lot for education and Industry.

Hoshang Wadia (Vice-President): He is associated with the business of Building and Construction.The College premises is in his brother's memory.

Shri Ravindra Vepari (Chairman) : He is leading C.A. of the South Gujarat and always taking keen intrest in educational activities. He and his family has helped the Society since its incorporation.

Shri R.D.Desai (Vice-Chairman) : He was a Director of town planning in S.M.C. He is associated with many social organisations.

Shri Anandbhai Chokhawala (Hon. Secretary) : He is an Electrical and Mechanical Engineer,studied and worked in USA. He is acvtivly managing all activites of the Society.He is devoted to the progress of education. He is associated with many othersocial organizations.

Shri Dr Sudhir Marfatia (Joint Hon. Secretary) : He is a son of Subhadraben,pioneer of the Society. He is a Doctor by profession.He has wide experience of work in USA.